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Themis service will publish the User data with the User’s specified level of privacy, writing mode (raw of hash fingerprint) on the selected public blockchains. 

Although the supported blockchains are very likely to exist for a long time in the future (given the wide spread of the cryptocurrency technology), Themis cannot guarantee that it will always be accessible and Themis shall bear no responsibility if the information posted through its service is lost some time in the future in the unlikely scenario that the particular peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency network ceases to exist or the cryptocurrency technology fails to continue to exist. 

It is emphasized that all cryptocurrency technologies, (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), are still considered experimental and the internet community is still exploring their potential.

It is emphasized that ownership of the contents of a User’s data which has been digitally stamped through Themis service may be claimed only if the contents presented in the document are indeed product of original work and not the result of stealing, copying or plagiarism.

The User is responsible for keeping a copy of the original data and any cryptographic proof of publication provided by Themis, Themis does not undertake to guarantee the conservation of such data,  although it proposes the best of the company's possibilities to maintain such data in a mission critical redundant environment to make the platform operativity and data consultation operations more efficient.